Hello, my name is Chelsea. I am currently a full-time graduate student in the Bentley HFID program. My career so far has been about finding the best methods to connect people to the information and services that they need. From my work as a librarian and instructional designer, I bring expertise in understanding user needs, the organization of information, and research methods to my study of human factors and user experience design. My background in teaching has strengthened my ability to communicate clearly and effectively across demographics. The pursuit of superior customer service, in a variety of guises, has been a throughline in all my work. I have been involved in UX and web development for ed tech, including user experience research for a leading mathematical software company through my graduate program, and a website redesign project for the library of an international university. I'm continuing to expand my UX toolbox and enhance my skills though my Master's program and in personal projects. My strengths include curiosity, balancing risk with reward, project management, and attention to detail. I am an ardent proponent of good user experience, and I’m currently interested in internship opportunities in the Boston area in UX design and research.