Hello! My name is Chelsea.

I'm currently a full-time graduate student in the Bentley HFID program. My career so far has been about finding the best methods to connect people to the information and services that they need. From my work as a librarian and instructional designer, I bring expertise in understanding user needs, the organization of information, and research methods to my study of human factors and user experience design. My background in teaching has strengthened my ability to communicate clearly and effectively across demographics. The pursuit of superior customer service, in a variety of guises, has been a throughline in all my work. Through my graduate program, I have had the opportunity to work on UX projects for a variety of local organizations, including Brightcove, Mathworks, and the Watertown Public Scool District. Most recently, I completed a UX Design internship with L.L.Bean where had the opportunity to test my skills in a live development environment. Outside of work, I enjoy testing my grandmother's recipes, admiring the foliage on hikes and runs, and seeing as much live music as I can manage. I am an ardent proponent of good user experience, and I’m currently interested in job opportunities in the Boston area in UX design and research.


My Path to UX

  • University of Rochester

    As an undergrad, my studies of history and religion led me to a facination with what motivates people. From the interdisciplinary study of religion, I gained exposure to theories of psychology and sociology, and research methods in anthropology.

  • SUNY Buffalo

    While earning my Master's of Library & Information science, I studied the organization of information and human information-seeking behaviors in depth. I also gained my first experience with web technology and database design, as well as insight into issues surrounding inequities in access to communication technologies.

  • Touro College Libraries

    As the instructional design librarian, I built my knowledge of the psychology of learning and designing effective educational materials. In the classroom, I honed my communication skills and got to observe the search and technology use habits of a wide range of users. While struggling to teach teenagers to navigate complex research database systems, I had a breakthrough: the ideal solution wasn't better training or more dedicated students, but rather a more usable system with a lower learning curve.

  • New York Code + Design Academy

    My interest in web design and recent discovery of the field of usability led me to a 12-week course in UX/UI Design. After working through the full lifecycle of a user-centered design process, I began incorporating my new skills at work. I led a year-long project to redesign the Touro Library website, handling design, usability testing, and project management.

  • Bentley University

    Having gotten a taste of UX work, I decided that I wanted to pursue it fulltime. Always an enthusiastic student, I found the Human Factors in Information Design program and knew it would be a great fit. I believe that the depth of understanding of foundational principles of human-computer interaction, human perception, research methods, and visual design, along with hands-on project experience I've gained has prepared me well, and I'm excited to tackle new problems in the field.